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TOPs Bird Food Pellets 4lb Bag (Pack of 2)

USDA Organic Certified and All Natural Bird Food Pellets

High quality, healthy parrot food pellets; one of the most nutritional on the market. TOP’s Parrot Food™ was established in 2003 and is USDA Organic certified. These popular pellets were developed by top avian nutritionists to be the best offering for parrots on the market. Like you, we are passionate about parrots of all sizes and care deeply about their nutrition. Our mission is to provide you and your companion parrots with the highest quality food available, that's why we use only locally-sourced, all-natural, and non GMO ingredients from carefully chosen suppliers for our organic pellets, seed mixes and treats. TOP's is the only parrot food that does not use fillers, like peanuts, corn and soy, sugars or artificial ingredients. Afterall, healthy food makes healthy birds and our wish is for you and your parrot to have a long, happy and fulfilling friendship together.

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