Featherbrite Bird Full Spectrum 5500k LED Bird Light Bulb


NEW Featherbrite full spectrum bulb with cri and kelvins; no UV's. The CFL bulbs we were used to using for years are no longer being manufactured. FeatherBrite has designed a state of the art, newest technology for your pet bird. For optimal benefits, use along with the FeatherBrite UV LED Bulb, together, these bulbs equal 8% UVA and .04 UVB and simulates sunshine without anything harmful to your pet bird. We sell this bulb in a set or individually.

The FeatherBrite 6w 5500k LED daytime bulb is designed with the newest technology with 5500 kelvin on the color scale which is identical to the previous spiral cfl compact bulb. The output is designed for all birds. The bulb simulates sunshine without being harmful the your pet. This 6 watt LED 5500k daytime bulb gives off no heat and 6 watts is inexpensive to operate. 660 lumens which is close to 18w cfl bulb and a rated life of 30,000 hours. Featherbrite recommends replacing ANNUALLY as some of the LED bulbs can dull. This is a LED daylight bulb at the perfect color temperature. Bulb can be used for 12 hours or use during normal daytime hours. Perfect for all types of birds, parrots, plants and task lighting. Don't forget the FeatherBrite UV bulb.

6w LED 5500k Full Spectrum Bulb - Daytime