Bird Full Spectrum Light Bulb | FeatherBrite

  • Bring the sunshine in and mimic your bird's natural environment with FeatherBrite Full spectrum light bulbs that fits any standard socket.
  • FeatherBrite 20Watt compact spiral fluorescent bulb, 5500k, 91 CRI, UVA 4%, UVB .05% The bulb provides full spectrum benefits up to 36" distance. Position bulb overhead so not to shine in your bird's eyes. The FeatherBrite full spectrum bulb emits the same color temperature as the sun at high noon. Natural daylight is also measured at a color rendering index (CRI) of 100, which shows the vibrancy and intensity of colors in and around our environment. The FeatherBrite bulbs have a CRI of 91, and will bring out colors in your bird's feathers that you may not have even known existed while using a standard fluorescent cage light.
  • The Featherbrite spiral bulb is not dimmable and should be replaced annually for maximum health benefits.